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One of the joys about having Seasons of Taos is the many friends we have made over the years...

Since the beginning of Seasons of Taos long ago, we have received countless letters from our satisfied customers from all over the world, a sampling of which we have put together on this page. We invite you to write to us — we always look forward to hearing from new friends! If you have special uses or recipes for Seasons of Taos, we’d love to hear about them and post them on this page…or if you just wish to say hello, please do!


“We love your seasonings and keep running out. just ordered more. we keep giving them away to friends who come over for dinner.”

  — Robert (NY)

“So glad you set this up, Dori – it’s been too long since my last trip to Taos, but it’s still in my dreams, and I can’t cook without your magic blend. Hope you are flourishing and ready for spring! Love the website, and can’t wait to try the Spicy Southwestern flavor.”

  — Melanie

"If you want to make your dinner guests WOW (!!!) over your already delicious meal, add Dori’s seasonings. They are so tasty that I give them as gifts to close friends."

  — M.N. (Des Montes, NM)

Good Good – Awesome. Yummy on my popcorn!

  — E.K. (age 11 - Taos, NM)

"Could you please ship me two cases of the Chili Original Seasonings, (24). I hate to run out and I did!"

  — K.F. (Wendy's Operator, NH)

“I can’t go to Manhattan without Dori’s Seasonings for each member of my family.”

  — M.F. (Taos, NM)

“I would like to order one case of the Salt-Free Seasoning. Will I be able to have it before Christmas? Actually before that as I need to mail out gifts to my family? —I am so excited!!!”

  — D.R. (Deephaven, MN)

“I was trying to remember the first time I bought my favorite seasoning. We lived in Albuquerque in 1980- 83 maybe it was then. I do remember being in Taos for a ski trip after we moved back east in the late 80’s and having my morning coffee in the bakery each day. Over the years I have given “Dori’s Original” as gifts to friends and family. There are two seasonings that are always in my kitchen your original and the old Sonoma Cheese Factory’s Ox Roast Seasoning. One time I had to call the local family market in Taos to get your product. So happy that now I can send friends to your website when they ask for more. Thank you for being an integral part of my kitchen for so many years.”

  — Kevin (New Mexico)